About Woo Themes – A Premium WordPress Themes Developer

Overview of Woo Themes

Woo Themes is a premium WordPress theme developer offering dozens of themes that function on self-hosted WordPress websites (not wordpress.com sites). All themes are guaranteed to function correctly with WordPress 2.8 and all versions that came out after that. Earlier versions of WP may not work properly with all Woo Themes.

There are currently 77 themes offered by the site and all of them are professional quality and well designed. Of course, you get what you pay for, so this is one of the best but also one of the most expensive premium WordPress theme developer services in operation today. They are probably more suited to professionals rather than hobbyists or personal bloggers.

Most Popular Themes

The top 3 all-time downloaded Woo Theme themes are (at the time this article was published):

  1. Fresh News: offers a variety of color schemes and can be used as a blog page or a homepage. 3 homepage layouts come with the package.
  2. Gazette: professional, upscale theme with some unique features, layout options, and color choices.
  3. Busy Bee: supports ad space and tons of multimedia features right out of the box and offers a super stylish, sleek appearance.

Woo Themes are easy to customize and offer great features:

  • Custom Sidebars: You can create new custom sidebars for placement throughout your website using an easy-to-use panel.
  • Shortcodes for creating buttons and columns within a page or post (this is very cool):
  • Create custom navigation menus with a very easy-to-use panel (no coding knowledge required).
  • Built-in SEO panel: You can configure the search engine optimization for your site easily in themes developed by Woo Themes (without knowing any coding).

Pricing & License Model for Woo Themes (at time this article was published)

This is one of the more complicated things about Woo Themes as a premium WordPress theme developer. You can opt to purchase a single theme or a club membership which gives access to all themes. There are several options no matter which way you go.

The options for purchasing a single theme include:

  1. Standard Package: your chosen theme plus 2 bonus themes. The license permits you to use the theme on as many websites as you want and you receive lifetime access to updates for all three themes. One-time fee is $70.
  2. Developer Package: your chosen theme plus 3 bonus themes and PSD file. The license permits you to use the theme on as many websites as you want and you receive lifetime access to updates for all four themes. You can make any changes you like using the PSD file. One-time fee is $150.
  3. Enterprise Package: select themes are Enterprise themes which include advanced features not found on other themes. No bonus themes are given but you do receive everything else that comes with the Developer Package, including the PSD files. One-time fee is $200.
  4. The options for joining the club include:
  5. Standard Subscription: unlimited access to all the themes plus at least 2 new theme releases every month. Access to support services and all theme updates is included. No PSD files for themes used. One-time start-up fee is $125, then the monthly club fee is $15.
  6. Developer Club: the same terms as the Standard option, but you have access to PSD files for all themes. One-time start-up fee is $200 and monthly club fee is $20.

Woo Themes uses a private service for payment processing which accepts all major credit cards plus Paypal as long as you are paying in U.S. dollars. If you are signing up for a subscription service you will not be able to cancel the subscription on your own. You have to contact the company before the subscription is set to renew in order to have it cancelled.

PSD Files with Woo Themes Purchase

PSD files are included with select membership packages. See the information under Pricing & Licensing Model above to see what packages include these files.

All image logos are intended to be samples and there is a simple process on the site where you can replace this with your own logo. You don’t need Photoshop or any other program to do this!

Technical Support with Woo Themes

All support is handled through an open support forum where Woo staff answers questions and help resolve problems with installation or functioning of all themes. Like most other premium WordPress theme developer services, Woo Themes will not answer questions or resolve problems through email or telephone.

Access to the support forum and basic technical support continues even if you cancel your subscription. You also receive updated versions and corrections to your purchased themes, even if you are not a current club member.

History of Woo Themes

Learning about Woo Themes as a premium WordPress theme developer service is a study in how technology has changed the modern world. This is a true international company that started up with three passionate web designers all living in different countries. Today, their service has expanded some and many of their themes are designed by some of the top professionals in the industry.

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SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization For The Complete Moron

In this article SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization for the Complete Moron you will learn how to get Top Placement Google, Yahoo, MSN and all other Search Engines in a Matter of days. By following the 4 steps detailed in this article SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization for the Complete Moron you will be able to generate Laser Targeted traffic to any web page you choose without spending any money or purchasing additional Products. You don’t even need to have your own Domain or Web Site to use the Methods detailed in SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization for the Complete Moron.

Step 1 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Get a Free E-Mail Account.

You will need to have an E-Mail Account. I recommend you get a free account. Two that I use are Yahoo and Gmail.

Step 2 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Get a Free Blog

You will need a Blog. A Blog is a very easy web page to setup and Search engines love Blogs. You can get a free Blog at blogger.com, WordPress or Myspace.

Step 3 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Find a Key Word Phrase with Moderate Popularity.

First find a List of Keyword Phrases with Overture or Similar Tool. I Like Overture because it is Free

Next Type Each Keyword Phrase into Google and See How Many Pages of Results Google Finds for each Phrase. Pick a Phrase with about 1,000 Pages. You can go as low as 200 or as high as 10,000 but optimally 1,000 pages works best

Step 4 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Find a Product to Promote That Matches Your Keyword

Now that you have keywords you need products to promote. Go to clickbank and type your keywords into the Clickbank Search engine to find products to Promote. Of course if you don’t have a Clickbank Account you will need to join. Yes it is free to join

Step 5 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Promote Your Product For Free with USFreeAds

Write a Brief 1 Paragraph Ad about Your Click Bank Product and promote it on USFreeads. You can use USFreeAds for free but for $9.99 a Month you get unlimited ads and fantastic features like HTML in your Ads. Be sure and use your Keyword Phrase from step 3 in your Ad Title and once or twice within the body of your ad. After you create your Ad create a Blog Entry with the contents of your Ad.

Step 6 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Write an Article

Write an Article with between 250 to 500 words and submit it to Multiple Article Directories. For a list of article directories see my resource box at the end of this Article SEO 101 – Search Engine Optimization for the Complete Moron. Be sure and use the Keyword Phrase in the title as well as the body of your Article. After you create your Article create a Blog Entry with the contents of your Article.

Step 7 SEO 101 For Complete Morons Kick it Up a Notch

If you want to kick it up a notch or more for any given Keyword you can do any or all of the Following things

1- Create a Squidoo Lens with Your Keyword Phrase

2- Write an additional Blog Entry with Your Keyword Phrase

3- Create a Hubpage

4-Work the Forums

5-Use additional free Classified ad sites

Step 8 SEO 101 for Complete Morons Ping Your Blog

By Pinging your Blog you are letting the Major Search engines Know that your Blog has changed. Pingoat is great free services that will Ping Most of the Major Search Engines.

Step 9 SEO 101 for the Complete Moran Earn $2,000 Monthly within 100 days

Each Day for 100 days find a Product and Keyword Phrase. Apply Steps 1 to 7 for the Product and Keyword Phrase. If you follow these Guidelines each Key Word Phrase will earn you on Average of $20 a Day. If you do only 1 keyword phrase a Day at the end of 100 Days you could be earning $2,000 a Month.

Remember you can use more then one keyword phrase per product. So if you find Book on Organic Dog food recipes and it has 5 Keyword Phrases that meet the rules you can create 5 Articles and 5 Ads for this Product

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Should You Choose Free Or Paid Content For the Web?

Did you know there’s free content for web available to the public online? That’s right. It’s available in hundreds of categories and by hundreds of authors. All free, all available to the public. Choose your own categories and get just about any kind of content you want. However, along the way there are some cons to this free content. Some catches, if you will.

If you use this free content, you must credit the authors. You can’t say you wrote it. That’s the catch. So if Johnny wanted to make a website selling his custom made skis, and wanted to put the free article Sue wrote on „Benefits of Skiing“ for his homepage, he’d have to credit Sue. The visitor now wants to know about Sue. Why isn’t she selling the skis? Why is Johnny using her article? On an even further note, are they perhaps related?

That’s what a typical visitor will think when they find out you’re using free content. Now, the only use this free content could offer is if you have a huge content site. For instance, my company writes for a few sites that have hundreds of how-to articles that link back to products. Some of these articles were created from free content online. However, even though they could just get everything from free articles, they’d rather pay us to create these articles.

So, why should you choose paid content for web? When you can get free content for web online for your homepage, website, blog or content niches?

You can call it yours. You pay the writer; the writer in effect sells you the copyright. It’s yours now. You don’t have to sell your skis with an article written by Sue. That is your personalized home page content. Choose to credit the author you paid only if you want; it’s not necessary.

Paid content is highly targeted content. Did you know on the average web page, visitors spend time reading only 20% of your content? They want to get the point of who you are right away. In fact, they don’t even read, they scan. If you can impress them right away, it’s worth the money you’re paying for that content. That’s a onetime fee; the benefits are reoccurring.

Reputation. This is a big one. If customers, clients, or even visitors know you’re using free content, they’re not going to stick around to see your products. They’re going to link free content to a lack of money and then think that leads to a lack of quality in products. Which it just might, if you can’t afford web content.

In the end, you have to ask yourself just how much your website, products, services or content itself is worth to you.

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Importance of On-Page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want to promote your website or business over the internet? Are you interested to make your website as a growth engine of your business? All these questions have one answer that promotes your website in search engines and search engine optimization (SEO) will definitely help you in this matter. When we talk about SEO it is mainly divided into two parts.

1. On-page optimization

2. Off-page optimization

Combination of on-page and off-page optimization will give you online success. I would like to discuss about importance of on-page optimization in SEO.

In general, on-page optimization on-page optimization refers to the factors which can be controlled by changing coding of your webpage or website. On-Page factors are related directly to the content and structure of the website.

On-page optimization involves below activities.

Title tag Optimization

The Title Tag is an HTML code that shows the words that appear in the Title bar at the top of web browser. Title Tag is an important Tag amongst other SEO options. It communicates the theme of the webpage for human and search engines gather information about website.

Meta tags Optimization

Meta tags are generally design for the help of search engines to know what their site was about. In all Meta tags, Meta description tags are still in use. This tag is an HTML code that allows you to give

a short and brief outline of your web page content.

Modifying Headings

Heading tags (H1 through to H6) are given more weight by search engines than regular body text. So we should use them wisely to strengthen the page’s overall keyword theme. Among all heading tags H1 tag is the most important. It should be placed at the top of content so that visitors can easily understand what the content of the page is about.

Image Optimization

Images play major role for attracting visitors. Website is having eye catchy images help to increasing visitor’s attention to your website. But many search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing are unable to read images. So we need to put alternate text for image. Also reduce image size so web page can easily load.

Content Optimization

Well optimized content always help your web site to get top position in Search engines. Content is the king. Every search-engine spider always tries to store as much as new content in their database. So use wisely your targeted keywords in content.

Internal Linking

If you do right internal linking then you can improve your website over all usability. By linking to relevant content to your readers so it becomes more effective than your main navigation.

All above give brief idea about importance of on-page optimization in SEO. Optimize website properly and enjoy top ranking in search engines.

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Dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Best Way to Promote Your Dental Practices

In today’s digital world, SEO plays a very important role in almost every domain. Medical experts are also using this magical tool to promote their medical services and reach out to as many patients as possible when it comes to healthcare.

Dental SEO has become the best and the most preferred technique through which dentists and other medical experts can lead the search engine results and boost traffic to their websites. With increased traffic, more and more patients can arrive at the clinic or health care center to receive the necessary medical aid.

While some dentists might want to fully concentrate on providing the best treatment to their patients alone, it is equally important to think about dental SEO marketing to spread awareness about the effective dental practices and treatments offered.

Purpose of dental marketing:

The main agenda of using dental SEO services is to let the patients know about the kind of treatment available for various medical conditions. In addition to this, there are a few more goals that can be achieved with dental marketing.

  • Patients will believe in your treatments: When people look for something online, they tend to visit the first few websites that appear in the search results. Undoubtedly, those few websites are always considered to be the best and the most reliable. Therefore, dental SEO helps to increase traffic and get the trust of several patients.
  • SEO also improves the functioning of your website: In addition to just ranking, SEO strategies can enhance the working of your site by loading pages quickly, displaying appealing content to the users, etc. Apart from this, users can easily navigate from one page to another to find their service and access the website from almost any device. This is yet another indication of reliability.

Building a dental SEO-friendly website:

To touch the first rank in any search engine results, it is important to develop a user-friendly and good-looking website that highlights the effectiveness of your dental practices so that the visitors are assured of the best treatment. Here are a few important tasks to complete for the big picture.

  • Start by planning and developing a website: Firstly, it is important to develop a modern and device-friendly website that is easily accessible. Let go of the outdated features and try something new. Plan the back-end of the dental website such as the URL, number of pages and easy navigation, good-quality audio, image or video files, etc.
  • Pay full attention to the content: The inner beauty and life of a website is the content of the website. Therefore, it is important to include unique, creative, and keyword-optimized content as keywords are great to improve search engine rankings. It is important to include the right kind of content on every page of the website. An engaging piece of content will surely attract a large number of visitors.
  • Keep asking for feedback: Positive feedback is yet another smart strategy that can improve website rankings. Therefore, make sure to include a feedback form on the website and keep asking for timely feedback from patients. Also, ensure to present the feedbacks on the website for others to read.

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Social Bookmarking Mistake – Search Engines Rank Pages, Not Sites

You just spent the last few weeks creating an entirely new website and product. You took the time to create hundreds of pages, create tons of graphics and tweaked everything until you got it just right. You even took the time to write additional unique content for social networking sites. but then you made one pretty important mistake.

You bookmarked your homepage. Ok, so bookmarking your homepage is not the mistake, but if you stop there then you are making a big one indeed.

You see, search engines, particularly Google, rank „PAGES“ not entire sites.

Sure we have all heard of the Google PR issues and how they can pass upwards from one page to another, but the truth is every single page has its very own rank. Some pages will be a zero, others will be a 2 or a 4, or if your lucky a 6 on the Google pr scale. But you have noticed that not every page ranks well.

That’s because most people have a tendency to bookmark or link to just their homepage. Sure Google bot can find your pages with a site map, but heck, I build sites for the reader not the Google bot. The more pages that you bookmark the better off each page will be, both for your reader and for Google. In turn, the more rank your pages and sub-pages get, the better your site itself will likely rank.

While taking the time to social bookmark every single page you offer may take some time, and there is software available to make it simpler, it is well worth the effort. Especially if you have already done all the hard stuff like creating the site to begin with. Just take your time with it if you need to. Bookmark a page or two every day and make sure to get your friends to do it as well.

More bookmarks means more exposure. You want to spread the link love around to all the pages of your sites. You never know when one of them just might actually get ranked on the first page for some relatively obscure keyword phrase. If you don’t take the time to promote all of your pages, then you are missing out on a ton of extra potential traffic to your websites.

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Importance of on Page on SEO

The most fundamental aspect of Internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is a system of using online tools that you can carry out in your website to help your pages place themselves higher in search engine results, giving your website greater exposure to targeted visitors that can eventually convert into customers. On-page SEO means optimizing the individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page which are optimized, whereas off-page SEO refers to back links. On-page Search Engine optimization has changed over the years, so it’s important to keep up with the latest practice.

Following are the SEO on page Factors:

1. Meta Optimizations

Meta Tag optimization means optimizing the title and description with the primary, secondary and tertiary keywords.

A) Meta Title Optimization:

The title should have characters between 65-70 and description should be between 150-155 characters.

Title tags are a major reason in helping search engines understand what your page is about, and they are the first impression many people have of your page. Keeping your titles under 60 characters is preferred.

B) Meta Description Optimization:

Meta Descriptions provides a conclusive summary of the concerned web pages. It is usually a short, concise paragraph of not more than 300 keywords.

2. Page Speed

Page Speed is one of the 200 Google ranking factors. Optimizing your landing page speed and your website results will lead to your website being upgraded in Google searches.

3. Mobile Friendly

The website being Mobile Friendly is one of the Google ranking factors. Making your website completely mobile friendly may help to increase the page rank on Google concerned with mobile searches.

4. Image Optimization

Google also provides image search results. You can achieve top ranking in Google image search result by optimizing the images title and description. Sometimes when Google cannot read certain images, optimizing them by adding precise names to the images helps.. Submitting the image site map to Google webmasters allows for an increase in page rank.

5. Keyword Density

Keyword stuffing refers to using too many primary, secondary and tertiary keywords on your website. Avoiding keyword stuffing is a thumb rule for on page Optimization. Keyword density is a ratio of total words in content over times keyword used in the content. If you will keep up the ratio, then your keyword ranking will be higher. The digital marketing analyst should implement keywords with a maximum density of 2-3%.

6. URL optimization

URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator;it is a subset of the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it. It should never be longer than 100 characters; otherwise Internet Explorer would not be able to load the page. The URL should also be readable to the user and should not by dynamic i.e. the URL should not contain special symbols and characters (! #,$,%,&,*, etc.)

7. Content of page

Copying or rewriting of existing articles must be avoided. Even for original content, if you have already published it on another website then it’s not good for your site. While writing about a certain topic or answering a question, make sure that what you write is rational and covers both sides of a story.

ON page optimization is the safest way to achieve top rankings in Google and ON Page Optimization Training helps us in the same aspect. This is one thing which is totally in our control. It allows us to make sure that we are publishing original content and ensures that the user sees our website the way we want him to and it’s important for our benefit as on page also helps in increasing our Page Rank. These listed factors of On page Optimization are completely on our control and thus it makes On Page optimization transparent.

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Affordable SEO Companies – List of Best SEO Companies

On a yearly basis, the SEO agencies all around the globe focus to become the topmost of the companies that are listed. These companies aid their customers with SEO needs such as social media marketing, link building, content creation, and many more things. Almost all of these agencies have been on all sides for years and years and have a lot of experience to back up their assertion and the work that they do.

It is crucial if you are attempting to discover one of the best SEO companies in Delhi that you understand which ones are in the topmost for the recent year. This can aid you to nail down the list of alternatives that you are interested in working with and computing out which ones would suit your requirements. They work with small along with the big businesses and they will ensure that you get the work done whatever the circumstances how large your team or estimate is.

Here are some of the top SEO companies for 2021 to 2022, consisting of the following:


This SEO company is result-based and has experience of more than 10 years of in this industry in India. They have a team of committed and laborious employees. They can help you in social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Link building, Content creation, Web designing, and many more. They have worked with many companies across India.

Techanvi.Com –

This company is performance-oriented and they have more than 10 years of experience in this field. They have worked with some of the top 500 companies together with some setting-ups that are locally aimed. They outline campaigns that are client customized and they work to deliver more traffic, leads, and revenue that results in a developing business.

Thriveagency.Com –

If you wish to work with a big company that has its offices all around the US, then this agency is the one. It has more than 10 years of working in this industry with B2C and B2B-related SEO services. They have SEO experts who are dedicated with thorough knowledge and expertise. They make tailored SEO procedures for customers, onsite SEO, link building, and organic SEO for their customers. They have worked in a broad variety of fields such as manufacturing, home services, healthcare, finance, and education.

Seoinc.Com –

For those who are interested in producing more traffic for your business, then you can wish to seek this agency. The agency was established in 1997 and they have worked with 1000s of numerous businesses all around the US. Here they ensure that the clients are satisfied and they will make sure that the procedures that they are generating are tailored for each and every business.

Coalitiontechnologies.Com –

If you are interested in enhancing how much revenue your business is creating, then you must talk to the professionals at Coalition Technologies. They can aid you with digital marketing, social media advertising, web design, lead generation, local and national SEO, and many more. We provide the best and affordable SEO services in India. They have more than 110 ratings on Google with a 4.7-star rating and they make use of software that was tailor-built inside to make sure that their customers get outcomes.

SEO. Co –

One more alternative if you wish one that aims at first and foremost SEO, then this agency would be the best partner for you. They have been working in this field for a long period and their team has a lot of skills, training, and expertise. They can aid you not only with any of your SEO requirements, but also with digital marketing, content marketing, and much more things.

Cardinaldigitalmarketing.Com –

This Atlanta established agency particularize in marketing and works laboriously to get the outcomes they require for their customers. They have been working and running their business for more than 10 years in the corporate, legal, and healthcare fields. They also have a client retention rate of 97% with a per month growth rate for clients of 28% and the average term of each client is 5.2 years. They can aid you with SEO, PPC management, Facebook advertising, conversion rate optimization, and programmatic display advertising.

Brightedge.Com –

If you are a smart marketer and wish real-time details about the campaigns that you are operating this is the path to move. Not only that, but they can aid you with your rankings and even acquiring all of the aims you have with regards to advertising and ROI. The services they can provide you consist of mobile-related, local SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and many more things.

Seoinboston.Com –

When it arrives at enhancing your sales and clientele, then SEO in Boston can aid you. They will aid you with examining your website for both offline and online content together with optimization of your source code, formation, and content. They cannot only do this, but they will also make sure that you get a comprehensive report to make it simple for you to make alterations.

These are just some of the topmost SEO companies in the world that you can operate with, so ensure that you are talking to them and getting the aid that you require today.

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On Page SEO Tips And Tricks For Higher Rankings

Search engine optimization is an important part of any website. I would like to share some on page SEO tips and tricks with you today to help you improve your website’s visibility and performance in search engines.

Performing search engine optimization on your website includes a vast variety of tasks, and can be broken up into two different parts. The first is on page SEO, and the second is off page SEO. I am focusing on page SEO here since on page SEO is the first part of your search engine optimization strategy that should be dealt with. The on page SEO tips and tricks I am sharing with you today includes a variety of objectives and tasks you can use to better optimize your website, and increase your website’s search engine rankings.

Google has made quite a number of updates to its crawling algorithm over the past few years. This is why it’s so important to always ensure your website and all your web pages comply with the latest updates like Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin. The on page SEO tips and tricks I’m sharing here will all help you to stay away from an update attack, and will help you to keep your rankings steady.

1. Optimize the speed of your website

The very first thing that you should do when performing on page SEO on your website is to optimize the speed of your website. If your website takes too long to load, it will affect your website’s search engine ranking in a negative way.

Start by checking the current speed of your website, and comparing your speed to the speed of your competitor’s website. The faster your website loads, the better. If you find that your website takes longer to load than your competitor’s website, then you should do some optimization to speed up the loading time of your website.

If your website is a custom HTML or PHP based website, you should start with your CSS and JS files. Use a script to minify them. This can reduce their size, which in return will make your website load faster. You also need to optimize the images on your website – try to compress them as much as possible without losing too much quality. Images are usually the largest parts of a website, and can affect the loading time of a website by a couple of seconds. Compressing your images will allow your website to load faster.

Websites based on a CMS system like WordPress is also quite easy to speed up. Simply install a cache plugin that will serve your website as static files. This will help you to increase the speed of your website, and decrease the loading time.

2. Include meta tags on your website

Even though meta tags are considered to be depreciated by some, it is still useful to use them on your web pages. The most important meta tag would be the title tag of your website – this is the text that shows up at the top of the browser bar when your website is accessed.

You should also include meta tags for keywords and a description on each of your web pages. This will give search engines an idea of what keywords you are targeted, and will allow Google and other search engines to display a relevant description for your website in search results.

3. Use tags on your web pages

When building a website, whether it’s a custom HTML or PHP based website, or powered by a CMS such as WordPress, you should always ensure you use the right tags on your web pages.

By using the right tags, search engines like Google will be able to index your pages easier, and your rankings can also increase. This is a big plus for on page SEO.

Start by using header tags where appropriate. Header tags include h1, which is the header 1 tag. This tag is used for main titles. Thereafter you need to use h2, h3, etc on your sub-header tags. This also helps you to break up content into different parts.

Images should also contain appropriate tags, such as title and alt. This will also allow your images to be indexed by search engines based on certain keywords.

4. Keyword-optimize your content

To rank in search engines, you have to target keywords. Think of keywords as search phrases – terms people will enter into search engines to find results.

Before publishing or writing any content for your website, start with keyword research. Decide on a topic, then search for relevant keywords and choose a keyword that will best suit your content. Be sure the keyword doesn’t have too much competition, and make sure there’s a large enough search volume for the keyword you choose.

Choosing long-tail keywords for some of your content pages is also a good idea.

You should include your target keyword in your pages. Include your target keyword in the title of your page, in the first header of your page and also in your content. Include your target keyword in the first sentence / paragraph of your content, a couple of times in the body, and once or twice in the ending / conclusion paragraph.


While building high authority backlinks to your website is an important part of search engine optimization, doing proper on page SEO is just as important. Without the proper on page SEO, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefits of search engine optimization. Take a moment and use these on page SEO tips and tricks I shared with you to check and ensure your website’s on page SEO is relevant and effective.

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What Services Should the Best SEO Companies Provide?

So you have realized that handling your own search engine optimization campaign is too time consuming, so you want to find yourself one of the best SEO companies that you know you can trust with your online marketing to help you achieve online success, but you don’t know what services they should be providing that will push you forward in your particular industry.

Here are a few of the top quality services that your SEO company should offer you to ensure your get the internet visibility your company deserves, you reach your target audience and you enjoy an increase in online revenue moving forward.

The first thing you obviously want to focus on is SEO, your search engine optimization campaign. Did you know SEO doesn’t only comprise of using carefully selected keywords and key phrases to help you increase your ranking in search engine results? In fact, the larger search engine, Google, actually will penalize you if you get carried away with your keywords and if you are over stuffing them on your web pages and in your content, then you may be doing more harm than good. Increasing your ranking takes time and dedication, but dropping in ranking simply takes one small mistake, such as too many keywords in one piece of text.

The next thing to look at is your social media marketing. Yes this is also a very important part of your SEO campaign and should be a service provided by the best SEO companies. Basically you need the best quality formation and advice on your social media pages, you need to keep them updated regularly and you need to reply to comments, while commenting on other posts, to increase your online visibility and reach a wider audience. Remember the search engines can pick you up from social media as well.

Then there is pay per click advertising, which is an affordable online marketing tool that can help you in your SEO campaign. Pay per click advertising ensures that you only pay for real clicks that lead clients to your website. It drives more traffic to your website through carefully designed advertisements that meets their needs and wants the client to find out more.

With pay per click advertising you remain in control at all times. You identify your daily budget and the best SEO companies will monitor your performance, make necessary changes, pull adverts and play around with the budget you have given to ensure the adverts receiving the highest interest receive the biggest portion of the budget.

Then there is your website and you will be amazed how your website will play a role in your SEO campaign. In fact, your website is essential to your SEO success and therefore careful consideration needs to be paid to ensure you don’t over stuff keywords, that your site is easy to navigate, that the pages load quickly and that you use links to direct clients through your site with complete ease. You want potential clients to stay on your website for as long as possible, which is why you ensure you only upload the finest quality content and images to attract audience attention.

You will also want to note that Google has put major emphasis on the mobile user, which means your website needs to be mobile friendly and you need to bear in mind that a majority of your audience is now going o use their mobile devices to search for products and services that you supply. Failing to incorporate mobile to your website can result in you being penalized and possibly dropping in rank.

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