FarmTown Performance Tips

Don’t get discouraged by slow gameplay. These FarmTown performance tips will help you get more done faster than ever before.

While most of these tips are pretty obvious and straight forward, most people don’t realize them and how they can significantly slow down the game. Especially on computers that have a slow connection to the internet. Even if you’re on DSL or cable, these tips will help you out with performance.

Turning off Trees – Its best to turn off trees if you’re not going to harvest them. Don’t worry, if someone visits your farm they will still see the trees, they just won’t be visible to you while you’re working on your farm. You can change this setting in no other than the settings panel.

Freezing animals – You don’t want animals fidgeting everywhere while you’re trying to play FarmTown. Freezing them helps your performance as well.

You can also turn of building and flowers. I always like to hide everything like this until I get done planting and plowing my farm. Once everything is straight and your wok is done you can always turn it back on. Another neat feature about hiding everything like this is it helps to get to those fields that are hidden by buildings, trees, or flowers. Turning all this stuff off can increase your FarmTown game performance.

Switch Your Browser – Even though I don’t have any benchmarks to prove this, and it’s based purely on my opinion. Make sure you play the game in Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. The FarmTown game seems to play much faster in these browsers for me. Try it out for yourself and see if it helps your performance as well.

You can also turn off the music in the background, and the sounds to increase performance. If you’ve played for a while then you’ve probably already found the mute button as it can get quite annoying listening to the FarmTown music for long periods of time.

While each farm is going to be different and we all want our farms to look unique and stand out in a crowd. It’s best to remember that all graphic elements will add download time to the gameplay. For instance a farm with only four graphic elements on the page will load faster than a large farm with fifty items on the farm. So if you’re not using the item, just put it in storage and not display it. That can help your FarmTown game performance as well.

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