How To Monitor Employee Performance Against Objectives

Research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%. In order to have ‚effective measures‘ we need to monitor performance against the objectives. Here’s how:

The key to effective monitoring is to identify a range of methods – so you can then choose the method that’s easiest to apply and most effective. Let’s begin with the easy part – monitoring quantifiable objectives. Here are some examples

Monitoring methods for quantifiable objectives

Sales reports
Deadlines met
Error reports
Accuracy reports
Budget forecasts
Widgets produced

These tend to be the monitoring methods most managers are comfortable with because they’re about what the employee does. It’s easy to see if your employee is achieving a sales target or submitting accurate work and these are great monitoring methods for the quantity, quality and time elements of the job

The difficulty arises when these are the only monitoring methods a manager uses because most jobs aren’t just about the ‚what‘, they’re also about ‚how‘ your employee’s do their job. About;

• how they work as a team member
• how they work with customers
• how they deal with problems
• how they deal with change

In short, their behaviors

If you only monitor the ‚what‘ of the job you will only be monitoring half of the job. And if you only monitor half of the job then possibly that’s the only half that the employee will feel it’s worth focusing on!

How to monitor behaviours

Here are three ways to monitor behaviors

1. Observation

Observation is taking a planned approach to watching your employee ‚in action‘. The idea is that you plan to observe the specific behaviours that you have described in your performance objectives. For example, if you have agreed that a performance objective for team work is ‚offering help to team members‘ and ‚contributing to team meetings‘ then those are the specific behaviours you plan to observe. So it’s about;

• looking at the performance objectives you’ve agreed that relate to behavioral elements of the job and then
• planning how you will observe those behaviours e.g. paying particular attention to the employee’s behaviour in the next team meeting

2. Report back

Report back is about your employee reporting back to you on their performance. This is a really useful technique where the employee is responsible for ‚evidencing ‚their performance against the objectives you’ve agreed

A good example would be if you had an agreed a performance objective from ‚effective time management‘ which included ‚takes action to manage interruptions‘. Then the employee would simply report back to you with some examples of when they had taken action to manage interruptions

3. Feedback

Feedback is about getting feedback from people on the employee’s performance. This could be from;

• customers
• suppliers
• team members
• other departments

It’s important that you only look for feedback;

a) As agreed between you and the employee and
b) Described in the performance objectives

For example, an objective related to ‚Client Servicing‘ is ‚Client feedback reflects a high level of satisfaction ‚. This is the feedback you and / or your employee would focus on collecting.

The key principle

The wider the range of methods you use, the more effective the monitoring will be because using a range of methods means you will gain a more balanced view of the employee’s performance. This means you can give the type of feedback that employee’s tell us they want more of, because they find it constructive and motivational, and which improves performance. And of course we know – ‚what get’s measured gets done‘ and it’s impossible to measure without monitoring!

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Guaranteed Website Traffic is Important For Your Business

Guaranteed website traffic is the most important part of any internet business. Without marketing web traffic your website business will not succeed. Traffic is essential to the life of a website. No visitors equals no sales. Website traffic is simply defined as the amount of people who visit your site. You may have the best site and content in the world, but without a considerable amount of traffic, your website is utterly useless.

Guaranteed website traffic is a graph of the number of people visiting your site. This is just a series of web pages that we visit with a web browser. Web traffic is something every webmaster wants and needs! It is essential to every business online. Without it, dotcoms will quickly die. It’s also an important factor in determining how effective your website is, how well it is performing, how many people find it useful and how many customers or sales it can generate. You may also want to know the traffic estimate if you are trying to make money by displaying advertising on your website.

Increasing guaranteed website traffic is the solution to success. Would you like to have thousands of potential customers looking at your website, ready to buy your product or service? Increase the number of inbound links to your site and if other sites around the Internet link to your site, this will increase your traffic. The direct boost is given because surfers who see your links may click through and visit your site.

Submitting to a directory is a vital part of the successful link building process. Remember, search engines frequently index directories as a source to locate new sites. Submit your site to over 1000 web directories, distribute press releases, circulate your content articles around the web and more! If you continue to do this on a regular basis you will differently see an increase in your guaranteed website traffic.

Website traffic ranking will determine where your site comes up in a search. Read on to find out how to increase guaranteed website traffic to your website. Promotion strategies are critically important to push for an increase in your target customers to your website. To grow a successful Internet business, you must first recognize the importance of Internet marketing and targeted site traffic. Analysis is one of the best ways to identify and dissect the traffic your website is receiving. By learning more about how people find your site, what they do when they get there and which pages lead to the highest conversions, only then will you fully understand which methods result in the best targeted website traffic.

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Digital Transformation and the Healthcare Industry

In the last few years, healthcare has joined other industries in the quest to deliver better customer experience. This has brought about a fundamental change in the healthcare industry and they have now shifted from volume to value of care of patients. The evolution in the cloud, data and mobile technologies has disrupted the health care industry.

The disruption has forced insurance companies and healthcare providers to move from a health system driven model to a customer oriented model. The behavioural needs of the modern customer has also changed and they now demand both control and choice.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing healthcare. It has helped connect and apply data, communication and technology to engage and redefine customer experiences. Most people have a misconception that digital transformation is about automation of jobs, processes and technology but it is much bigger than that.

Digital transformation requires you to rethink all your business processes. It is all about using data and digital technology by putting the needs of the customer at the centre of the business. If you want to succeed in the transformation, you need to look at the entire ecosystem of the company and determine ways to drive more value to the customer.

Optimize Clinical and Operational Effectiveness

Digital technology has helped improve quality and outcome of healthcare services. Consumers are now able to access and analyse information, so that they are able to make informed choices. Innovative solutions are offered to improve quality of care and efficiency of services. The new technology has helped reduce clinical variations.

Operational Analytics

The operations are streamlined and this helps reduce costs. Clinicians and executives are now able to share information and analyse the structured and unstructured data to make informed choices. Structured (electronic medical records) and unstructured (handwritten case notes) data can be brought together to get insights and uncover actionable intelligence.

Clinical Analytics

The quality and outcome of health services are drastically improved by creation of powerful data models. The healthcare professionals can collaborate and share insights in new ways. The accuracy, completeness and consistency of health information is improved by resolving problems that are caused by bad data.

Medical Data Storage

Innovative and new technologies in the healthcare industry is generating more data than before. Digital technology has enabled healthcare providers to store the data and utilize it in the best possible way. The data can be used to optimize patient care and anticipate the emerging health trends.

Technology has helped create a system of engagement with patients. Physicians will be able to get more information about their patients and this can revolutionize the services that are provided to customers. Health professionals can explore and navigate reports faster.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that puts customer at the centre of healthcare business. It is important to look beyond technology to drive innovation. If the healthcare industry wants to keep pace with digital disruption, it needs to engage with those that it wants to please, its consumers. Failure to engage with the customer can result in the industry operating behind the times.

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How Can Coloring Boost Your Employees‘ Work Performance?

Should you let your employees have a break in order to bring their phones out and color away for half an hour? Yes, you should. Isn’t it the waste of your money and time? No, it is definitely not. „How come?“ one might ask. Well, for a couple of reasons.

A happy worker is a productive worker. No matter how much one might like or love their job, sometimes it can bring some extra stress into people’s lives. It doesn’t mean the solution is to go crazy, lose your mind or even give up. Simply find a way to let that stress go. Why not let that outlet be coloring?

First off, coloring does reduce stress. It brings you back to your childhood, evokes your sweet memories, and transports you to happy times. Pick a coloring app for adults, indulge yourself into detailed drawings, pick the right colors and transform your mood from blue to cheerful. After such a boost, there must be no obstacle for you to finish your working day successfully.

Given that sometimes people work on enormous, long-lasting projects, it is normal to feel hopeless and like it’s never-ending. Don’t lose your hope, it will end eventually, you just need to be patient. How do you achieve that patience in critical times? When you color, you complete one simple task of coloring a picture from its top to the bottom, making sure every single detail is filled the best you could. This simple act of finishing one single coloring page within your coloring book or coloring app can bring you a great sense of accomplishment. That sense surely can boost your confidence, and transfer to your mood regarding the task you have in your company. It must bring a successful achievement there as well.

When one colors, all negative emotions should wear off. Once you empty your brain and heart of those negative feelings that make you stressed out, there should be more room for positivity. Since you are positive and filled with good energy after coloring, there must be no difficulty in continuing your job with full productivity.

In the end, coloring is soothing. There are so many proofs and studies on that. When something soothes you, it cannot be harmful. So, this must be a good reason to seize this as an opportunity to make your crew at the company both positive, cheerful and stress-free or encouraged to cope with their work.

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Why You Should Choose A Website Over Facebook To Market Your Business?



Many business owners today are in a dilemma due to the increase of social media activities especially the Facebook. Neglect their websites and cross over to Facebook or maintain them. It was reported that Facebook had about 2.19 active users in the first quarter of 2018. These are potential customers. But Facebook can never substitute a company’s website.

As a business owner, what would you rather do, Set up a shop in someone else premises or own a space fully dedicated for your business? In the first option, you are subject to the owners of the space. They can kick you out if you don’t adhere to their rules no matter how unreasonable or if they don’t want you there anymore. But in the second one, you are in control. What happens in other peoples businesses is not likely to affect you. The same is true with having your own website instead of owning a page in a social network, in this case, Facebook. They limit your engagement with your clients.

Your business does not own the Facebook page.

A business does not have full control of the Facebook page or account because Facebook can change their laws and policies anytime. Though the risk involved is minimal, like losing some important data, it is not very professional to have so many clients and potential clients visiting a website that is not yours apart from the company owned website

Competition on Facebook is a bit too stiff.

Since many businesses consider Facebook as a potential market for their products they have flooded Facebook with ads. A client cannot have a 100% concentration on your page without being interrupted by other businesses selling similar products. A company’s website is very strategic because a customer will have an undivided attention even if it is for a short time. A Customer can easily make a decisions to buy the products or the services on offer without being distracted by the competition.

Many potential customers do not have a Facebook account

The current global population was at 7.6 billion as of June 2018 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers. But Facebook has only about 2.19 billion as indicated above. This is a very small percentage. Most of the people who might need your products and services may never know about them if you only use Facebook to showcase your products.

Unlike a Facebook account, a website guarantees long-term business relationship

Facebook might be a wonderful place to acquire new prospective customers but it does not offer a lasting business relationship. A company by encouraging their follower to sign up to their websites ensures that they will stay in contact because they get them to give their email addresses. You cannot be sure of being on the client’s Facebook newsfeed but you are guaranteed of being seen in their email boxes, whenever you send them a mail.

A website is not limited

A website that is professionally set up is an extension of what the company hopes to achieve in the long run. It provides its customers with all the information required and helps them understand the company’s plan of action. Your website makes you different from your competitors because you customize it to tell your story in a more attractive and enticing manner.

Your business website gives the freedom for branding, unique designs to meet your particular requirements and growth. But Facebook is phenomenal for some consumer based entities like hotels, bars, guest houses, etc.

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5 Ways to Build Website Traffic

Hopefully you have been checking the traffic – visitors to your website and reviewing how many people visit the site, are they first time or return visitors, what page do they look at and are they selecting an action on the website such as filling out a form, signing up for your newsletter, buying something or requesting information.

Do you want to build more traffic and get more visitors to your website? Here are 5 methods you can use to drive traffic.

Website Keywords and Search Engines. Look at your website and check if the „title“ „description“ and „keywords“ meta tags are added to your website pages. These are important in making sure your website is indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. In the text of your page – especially your home page – use the words that best describe you and the needs of your target audience as part of the body text. After all this is done – register the site with Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. All these have free submission forms but there is no guarantee how long it will take. Keep reviewing your statistics and you will see when you start getting traffic from search engines. Look at the keywords people are using to find your site and refine these keywords on your pages.

Email Newsletters and Announcements. Tell the people on your list(s) about your website and what they can find there and why they should visit. Add a signup form on the site and some incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. Your newsletter and announcements will really build your RETURN visits to the website. Remember that people may visit thousands of websites and even if they like you on their first visit – they need to be reminded to return.

Links. Links from other websites to you build credibility and also improve your position in the search engines. These are called in-bound links. If you have a resource or links page on your site – you can link out to useful sites – and then contact the other website owner and ask them to link to you. If you have affiliates, partners, sponsors, or other relationships – send them the link to your website, your logo and a key phrase and ask if they will add your link to their website.

Signature File. Add your website address to your email signature file. Make this also an organization policy and have everyone create a standard signature file that includes the website link. Include the website address also in any paper correspondence, flyers, brochures, advertisements, articles and PR and of course your business card.

Online Social Networks. Create your own presence on the large social networking sites such as Facebook page and group and LinkedIN. Participate in the groups and discussion forums and include your website as part of your profile.

Using these methods you can increase the traffic to your website – but do remember that your website must be engaging and interesting to the person and have some appropriate calls to action – or your efforts will bring traffic but not help you in achieving your objectives.

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Data Science and Different Techniques

Data Science is a term that is getting quite popular these days. However, what does this mean and what type of skills do you need? In this article, we are going to answer these questions in addition to finding out some important information. Read on.

First of all, let’s find out what the term refers to. Basically, data science is a combination of many tools, machine learning techniques and algorithms. They are combined to find out hidden patterns based on the given raw data.

Primarily, data science is used for making important predictions and decisions through the use of machine learning, prescriptive analytics and casual analytics. Let’s get a deeper insight.

Predictive Casual Analytics: Basically, if you need a model that can predict the happening of a certain event down the road, you should use this approach. For instance, if you offer money on credit, you may be worried about getting your money back from the debtors. So, you can develop a model that can do predictive analysis to find out if they will be making payments on time.

Prescriptive Analysis: Also, if you need a model that has the ability to make decisions and modify them with dynamic parameters, we suggest that you do a prescriptive analysis. It is related to offering advice. So, it predicts as well as suggests a lot of prescribed actions and the related results.

If you want an example, you may consider the self-driving car by Google. The data collected by the vehicle is usable for training these cars further. Also, you can use many algorithms to add more intelligence to the system. As a result, your car can make important decisions, such as taking turns, taking the right paths and speeding up or slowing down.

Machine Learning: For making predictions, machine learning is another technique used in data science. If you have access to some type of transactional data and you need to develop a model to predict future trends, you can try machine learning algorithms. This is known as supervised learning as you have the data to train the machines. A fraud detection system is trained the same way.

Pattern Discovery: Another way is to use the technique for pattern discovery. In this scenario, you don’t have access to the parameters for making predictions. So, you have to look for those hidden patterns that can help you make a meaningful prediction. And this is known as the unsupervised model because you have no predefined labels. Clustering is the most popular algorithm for this purpose.

Suppose you work with a telephone company, and there is a need to start a network of towers in an area. In this case, the clustering technique is the right one to decide on the tower locations. This will ensure the users in the area will get the best signal strength.

In short, this was an introduction to data science and the technique it uses in different fields. Hopefully, the information will help you get a much better idea of what the term refers to, and how you can benefit from it.

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Importance of Measuring Event Performance

Event managers are under considerable pressure to obtain metrics regarding their events and to ensure that they provide a return on investment. Being able to source these statistics and convert them into valuable information is something that many event managers struggle with. It can be difficult to know what to measure, how to measure it and then how to analyse the data.

The first stage in analysing an events performance is to understand why the event is being held in the first place. What are the goals and targets for the event? There are many reasons why companies host events:

· Build awareness of the company or product

· Generate sales

· Generate qualified sales leads

· Conduct market research

· To enter a new market

· To launch a new product or service

· To influence or build relationships with the press

· To educate or motivate partners and/or employees

· To help retain current customers

· To support the local community

It is a good idea to set one primary and one or two secondary objectives. Trying to set too many goals will dilute the main purpose of the event and will lead to mixed and confusing messages given to the delegates. Each event you hold may have different objectives, but it is important to understand exactly what this is, as without a clear objective you will not be able to identify and measure your event performance objectives.

Try and make your objectives and metrics as specific as possible. For example, if the primary objective is to create sales and the secondary objective is to generate qualified sales leads, some of the focused metrics will be:

· Revenue

· Number of transactions made

· Number of purchase orders received

· Expense to revenue ration (E:R)

· Return on investment ration (ROI)

· Number of new accounts/customers

· Volume of leads generated

· Quality of leads generated

Once you have identified the objectives and metrics, the next task is to obtain this information. This can be the hardest part of event performance analysis. It can be difficult to source this information, and difficult to convert it into valuable data.

Many event managers are turning to technology to help with this process. Event management software solutions aid event managers in the planning, management and analysis of events. They often come with build in reporting and analysis modules, making the measurement of event performance an easy task.

If generating leads is an important objective, event management software can help aid in the identification of lead quality and quantity. By understanding what makes a high quality lead, event managers can create tailored registration forms, capturing the delegate information that identifies poor and good quality opportunities.

Understanding the messaging that you’re conveying to delegates is also a key metric that should often be measured, but one that can be difficult to obtain. By utilising information that has been collected on the day or post event, managers will be able to improve future events as well as enhancing customer relations with delegates. Again, event management software can aid in this metric measurement. By providing a comprehensive feedback management tool managers are able to produce surveys which delegates can complete on the day, or which can be emailed out after the events. The results from online surveys can be automatically populated into the event management solution, ready for instant analysis.

Understanding delegates and their responses to the event will also help managers to accurately quality the event leads. Event management software will provide analysis tools which will enable managers to quickly drill down to the data held on the system. Providing customised reports as well as standard management information reports will illustrate how well attended events are, how well booked they are and how successful the programme was.

It is generally recommended that managers use 5% of their budget on event measurement and analysis. By investing in a total end to end event management software solution, mangers can ensure that accurate results of the events are consistently produced. Not only do event management software tools aid in the analysis of events, but they also make the planning, management and promotion of events easier, more efficient and far more cost effective.

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The Importance of Brand Messaging for a Successful Website Redesign

I’m sure you’ve landed on someone’s website and felt like something was just… wrong; or maybe you were suddenly turned off without even knowing why.

Chances are, you quickly clicked back to find a competitor’s website, where you felt more comfortable and secure.

Your visitors could feel the same way if you don’t pay attention to how you come across to your target audience.

That’s why it’s crucial to identify your brand style before you redesign your website.

In my latest Tea Time Tip: Marketing For Busy Entrepreneurs, I shared some critical factors to ensuring your website redesign is a success so people feel comfortable, excited and engaged when they land on your site. You can watch it here.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 questions you need to answer to determine your business brand identity and create the most effective website possible.

1. What first impression do you want to give?

You have about five seconds to make a first impression. The key findings from a Google study showed that sites with low visual complexity and high prototypicality (how representative a design looks for a certain category of websites) were perceived as highly appealing.

Long story short: keep it simple and clean.

One of our clients wanted us to create a website for their collectible vintage card business. They do live „rips“ of unopened vintage sports cards (working with this type of business was a first for us)!

The challenge was to make their website, which features a huge range of sports cards from a number of decades, easy to navigate.

One of our solutions was to break down cards by year in the right-hand navigation, and to highlight featured packs on the home page.

My advice to you: put a lot of thought into how you organize your home page. If visitors land on a cluttered, confusing page, their first impression is going to be one of overwhelm, and off they’ll go to one of your competitors.

2. How are you using colours, images and fonts?

You should be following your brand guide when it comes to choosing design elements for your website.

If you don’t have a business branding guide, it’s time to create one to identify your style and give direction to team members.

Of course, smaller businesses won’t have as big a brand guide as corporations, but you need something that represents the visual elements of your website, or you’ll end up with a hodge-podge of elements that will confuse your visitors and sabotage your brand awareness.

We want our brand to emanate and the design and style elements we use in all our marketing materials.

3. Are your images high-quality, and delivering purpose and meaning?

Every image you choose for your website tells a story. If you pick poorly-lit photos or tacky stock imagery, you’re giving people the wrong impression. They may see your business as cheap, lazy and unprofessional.

Take the time to make imagery part of your brand identity. Define what you want your images to portray, and what should and shouldn’t appear on your website. Here are some examples I’ve seen in company’s business branding guidelines:

* Use softly-lit, neutral imagery that shows young professionals in a creative environment

* Avoid stock photos where people are looking directly at the camera

* Keep product-focused shots to a minimum; every photo should have at least one person in it

Pick the right photos to show off your unique personality and style, whether you hire a photographer or use stock pics.

There are so many different reasons why a small business owner may decide to rebrand a website: poor conversions and/or sales, confusing navigation or an outdated design, to name a few.

However, it’s essential to have strong reasoning, logic and stats behind rebranding your business. This guide will help you first understand whether or not you need to reinvent your business, and if you do, how to rebrand your website in the most effective way possible.

Read A Comprehensive 2019 Guide to the Website Redesign Process

4. Is your copy telling a compelling story?

The most important thing to remember when you’re writing about your product or service is that it’s about THEM, not you. It’s your opportunity to show and tell customers the benefits of using your product or service.

You can do this with:

* A captivating headline. Which article are you more likely to read: one that has the headline „Write Better Blogs“ or one that says „10 Surefire Ways to Write Blogs that Make Money?“

* Concise, yet informative and compelling copy. People get overwhelmed if they land on a website that has a novel on the home page.

Identify brand style and then tell your story succinctly and with purpose: what are the benefits your service offers? How can you help your target audience solve their problem?

Break up copy into digestible paragraphs rather than long blocks of text.

* Avoid industry jargon. Write in your customers‘ language. Avoid acronyms they won’t understand, or overly-technical language that only an expert would grasp.

Also, stay away from over-promising, or fluffy claims (Guaranteed to change your life! Lose 10 pounds overnight). Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a first impression.

* Choose your CTAs wisely. Your CTA (call to action) is what your content is guiding your customers towards. It’s the action you want them to take. By using something like „Click here,“ you’re not showing your visitors what they’ll get.

Use „Reserve your spot now“ or „Start your journey today“ or whatever it is that will resonate with your target audience.

5. How easy is it for people to connect with you?

Your contact page should be clearly visible in your top navigation bar, and if you have a physical location, you should embed a map on it along with directions to make it as easy as possible for people to find you.

Take a look at our contact us navigation. We feature it prominently in the top menu bar on every page of our site, plus we give another option right above, which enables our clients to call us for fast, professional service.

Your social media icons should also be front and centre so that people can connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest… whichever ones are relevant to you.

The more followers you gain, the more opportunities you’ll have to engage your audience and drive leads and sales. Here are some tips on social media selling.

The better you understand the importance of brand messaging, the more effective your website redesign?-and your business?-will be. Ask yourself these important questions and seek the help of a professional website design company to launch the most compelling, engaging and successful website possible! You and your customers will be glad you did.

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What Exactly Is a Good Web Design?

A good web design has a potential to engage the visitors & convert them to potential buyers. A website is said to be serving its purpose if it has the potential to generate online leads. Nowadays, it has become mandatory for the business houses to have an online portfolio in the form of websites. The webs provide them the flexibility to reach the targeted audience. But converting targeted audience into potential buyers & customers is certainly a challenging task. Your website plays a crucial role in this. If your web has a good design, then it can easily serve that purpose. The most pertinent question is how to design a good web. Presented below are some of the points that will help you in this.

Attractive Theme: The theme or the webpage design of any website is very important. It is recommended to use the theme which perfectly manifests your business. For example, if you are selling natural products, then you can select any of the themes which match with your products. If you are into the fashion industry, then colorful themes would be considered as appropriate for your business.

Infographics: The statistics suggest that the websites that lack in the infographics attract less traffic as compared to the websites that have the rich infographic. It is recommended to provide rich infographics in the websites as visitors get easily attracted to those. A banner containing useful text has a positive impact on the mind of the visitor. This eventually increases the chances of conversion. The designers should keep one thing in mind that the banners should reflect the business motive of the company. This also offers a better impact on the mind of the people.

Interactive Interface: It is recommended to have an interactive interface on the website. What exactly does this mean? It means that you should design your website in such a manner that it offers flexibility to the visitors. Your visitor has come to your website after spending time on several other portals. If (s)he faces any issue or gets confused, he/she will waste no time in navigating to some other website. So, you must provide easy to use interface on your website. The call to action button should be provided in a clear manner so that visitor can easily make purchases.

User-friendly Navigation: The user-friendly navigation is very important to enhance your conversion rates. Too many links in the menu bar and side bar create confusion. Avoid providing too many links there. It is recommended to put only important links in the menu or sidebar. These will help in the easy navigation of the website.

Go Mobile Friendly: It is mandatory to have the mobile friendly responsive website. The reason being most of the internet users are using mobile phones to access information. If you have the mobile compatible website, then it ensures s better browsing experience which eventually results in conversion.

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